The Future of Golf Course Design

Golf is rapidly becoming one of the most popular individual sports in the world. With over 32,000 golf courses world-wide, golf course design is undergoing somewhat of a revolution. As more and more new golfers join the ranks, the need for bigger and better golf courses grows. Experts predict that the future of golf course design is change, change for the better.

The previous generation of golf course designers is getting older and will shortly retire. The likes of Tom Fazio, Arnold Palmer, and Pete Dye are becoming few and far between. Instead, new designers are taking their place and with new blood comes new ideas.

The most noticeable difference at the moment in golf course design is on the championship courses. New designs are making these course more and more difficult to play, presenting a wonderful challenge to the professional player. The future of golf course design will have to provide a solution to this widening gap between new players and the old pros.

Tips on Effective Golf Training Aids

Golf is an outdoor game played on mowed lawns with 9 or 18 holes. The golfer is expected to hit the balls into each hole within least number of shots. The sport is played on grounds having distinct designs. To get trained and improve the playing techniques, the golfer purchases the following golf training aids.

Golf training aids establish the correct hinging of the golfer’s wrists during the swing. They help in optimizing the player’s impact of the club head on the spotted ball. By using the golf training aids, the golfer conforms his torso to an ideal swing. He is able to increase control, distance and speed of the club head. The aids increase the golfer’s concentration during the alignment and speed control at the final stage of the game i.e. putting the ball into the hole. Some of the golf training aids are swing trainers, aim trainers, golf simulators, practice balls, Golf-mats, nets, putting greens and putting aids.

Try golf resistance cords:

The swing weight trainer helps the golf player to strengthen his muscles in the appropriate areas of his arms for a profitable golf swing. The weight fixed at the other end of this golf training aid can be adjusted to match woods and irons. Golf Resistance Cords give additional resistance training to the golfer’s swing action. They improve the arms and torso, giving additional strength and stability to the golfer’s upper body leading him to a superior game. The kit provides handles, instruction manual and three grades of resistance cords.

The dual flex wrist support gives exercise to the golfer’s wrists to hold firmly the woods and irons in perfect position during strike of the ball. This workout helps the golfer to maintain the best takeaway and keep the clubface square at contact with the spotted ball. The Weighted Shoulder Turn Vest improves the golfer’s swing to a higher standard. The weights located on his shoulders equal 5 pounds, which make him experience the importance of a more angular and better turn of his shoulders during the swing.

The Putting Mat with Hazards creates hurdles for the golfer to improve his putting caliber. It has an inclined ramp and when the golfer practices putting on this inclined plane, his skill of the stroke gains confidence. Two additional disturbances like bunker and water hazard simulating the real ones are also provided on either sides of the hole. The golfer can practice his drives or iron play or chipping in front of the tough monster hitting net of the dimensions of 8′ by 10′. This golf training aid prevents the ball from covering long distances to be gathered.

Golf training system helps the professional golfer in improving his game efficiency at home. The basic swing mechanics can be induced by regular practice by the golfer. This golf training aid improves muscle memory co-ordination. The three components in this aid are the cage net which measures 8′ by 4′ by 6′, Tee Up dispenser and the standard mat which is of the size 36″ by 18″. The Eyeline Putting Plane System helps the golfer to align his eyes, shoulders, club face and path of the ball to get the perfect putt which is the final stage in a golf tournament. The golf training aid consists of a laminated mirror and aluminum rails which can be adjusted or removed. Thus, golf training aids give sufficient support to the player in each stage of the game whether in the field of improvising his golf swing or practicing with a putter.

Mini Golf Design – Build Your Own Miniature Golf Course

Miniature golf is a popular game or recreational activity enjoyed by people of every age group. You can build a miniature golf course right in your backyard or garden. You can either hire a golf course designer or make one yourself. Making one on your own is not a very difficult task especially if you are creative enough and believe in doing things differently. However, a designer can provide you with the most beautiful and exquisite designs which will look lavish and unique at the same time.

If you do not wish to spend much on the making of your course and want it to look simple and basic then the best option for you is to make one on your own. You can make your own personalized course at a minimal cost. The best thing about making your own course is that you do not have to invest in buying any articles in order to make it. You can also use your unwanted household articles to make an innovative design.

First of all you need to consider the amount of space that is available and the type of design you want. The next thing that you need to consider is what materials are available to make the golf course. Wooden plywood sheets and putting turf can help you in creating a professional looking golf course. You can create the base with the help of plywood. Try creating a more real look by covering the plywood with a green carpet. You can fix the carpet with nails so that it does not move. You can create the boundary with the help of stones or paint. Tell your kids to paint the border. It will be a fun activity for them and they will also get to display their creative skills.

The most basic part of the procedure to build a miniature golf course is the starting point and the hole. You can create the passage and space in between in your own ways. Create obstacles and hurdles to make your game more exciting. You can use unwanted household items like cups or plastic bowls. Just place them under the carpet before fixing it. It is not a rule to create only one or two holes. You can create as many holes as you want and that also in different shapes and sizes. Thus, this was some interesting information on how to build a miniature golf course and that also on low budget.